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Interior Architecture and Design

The field of Interior Design is growing remarkably in our modern world. It has started leveraging aesthetic appeal with daily needs to improve upon and capitalize business gains. The field has created huge career prospects for interior designers. Students with innate creativity and proper technical proficiency can shine brightly in the field of Interior design.
Dreamzone offers a vast variety of courses for Interior design to help students turn their creative ideas into sophisticated designs for almost every type of buildings such as homes, retails, hotels, offices, museums, public spaces and entertainment spaces. The students learn from professionals in a highly-equipped environment to develop and improve their knowledge with understanding to become a skilled Interior Designer.

Interior Architecture and Design: Courses

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Here at DreamZone Banashankari, Our curriculum guides you through design development, conceptualization, and building construction. Discover the secrets of harmonizing materials, and breathe life into meticulously planned spaces. We go beyond aesthetics, teaching effective space management tailored to individual desires.

Interior and Architecture Design Courses at DreamZone Banashankari

Master Diploma
Interior and Architecture Design

DreamZone's Master Diploma is a flexible and part-time program that is best suited for people who are unable to pursue a degree program offered by Interior or Architecture colleges. The course trains students in varied aspects of design focused on interior spaces and provide adequate knowledge of the industry to improve the candidate on a holistic level for them to perform equivalent to their graduate peers in the field. Instill two-dimensional technical drawings and presentation required to communicate to a client with the three-dimensional visual model of the space as per the design envisioned.

Interior and Architecture Design

DreamZone's Diploma course is a culmination of fundamental principles required for Interior designers willing to work on residential projects. Anyone can learn this course, and it is especially suitable for people who are already part of the construction field such as civil engineers, site supervisors, builders, related service consultants, etc., who already know construction and spaces. They are aware of the practical aspects of the field (on-site work) but who want to know more of the basics in technical drawings and presentation techniques for residential Interior design.

IAD Grafx

Professional Graphics course is aimed to nurture creative students with design knowledge who just require the tools to put forth their designs. Designers and creative professionals who seek a change in career and are well versed in putting forth their skills to recreate spaces but lack the means to convey their knowledge across, this course helps them to better communicate through different tools. It is crucial that interior designers have essential skills to express their creative perspectives as well as conceptual designs. With the advent of the computer as a design tool for their productivity, this course covers the base of working with the requisite tools to help improve on the design.

Certificate Course in Kitchen Design

A part of the wide-ranging interior design degree program, Dreamzone offers you an all new kitchen design program exclusively dedicated towards kitchen dècor. It is a short duration curriculum that centers exclusively on the kitchen design and dècor.

Special Courses CAD | Design Visualization 3DS | Sketchup

The course is to provide a fundamental knowledge of design and digital visualization and to provide hands-on learning for Visualization software. This acquired knowledge can be used effectively to develop a digital model and interior space with the modeling tools. The course also equips students with the skills and abilities to create efficient 3D models of buildings and interiors.

Interior Architecture and Design: Programs
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