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Graphic Designing

Graphic and Web Design

DreamZone's School of Graphics and Animation teaches concepts and tools for graphic design, web design, 2D & 3D modelling, animation, and post-production functions.

Yes, we begin with teaching good old drawing concepts and go on to cover the design fundamentals of colour theory, graphics, design elements, typography, colour correction, and printing. These courses are designed to introduce students to the professional world of graphics and animation, training them to become experts in the field.


Graphic and Web Design: Courses

Graphic and Web Design Courses

Masters Diploma In Web Design and Development

DreamZone School of Creative Studies offers Master Diploma programs in web design and development that equips aspirants to master the technique of creating and designing user friendly websites and applications. We are widely recognized which gives our students the added edge to accelerate through their career path. This course preps up a student to become a complete resource for the IT industry which gives our aspirants the added edge to accelerate through their career path.

Professional in 2D Graphics & Web Design

In the internet era, web designing and graphics are fast growing opportunities for students to seize. Use of graphics to design user-friendly websites that enable effective communication is the need of the hour. Our focus is on the fundamentals of design to enable students to design hassle free interactive communication platforms that facilitate meaningful engagement. This course aims to make students adept in every aspect involved in web design and graphics. With this professional knowledge, students can establish themselves in this fast growing industry.

Diploma in UI Design and Development | Web Design

With the increase in web applications and app designs, the demand for web development professionals has seen an exponential increase. Development greatly depends on the design of the website or app and so we bring this course to hone bright minds along the same lines. This combo course starts with the key concepts of web technologies and builds along the lines of designing to come up with a sound structure for web development. Through this course, we impart the knowledge and skills required to become an expert developer with excellent bug/issue resolving skills.

Graphic and Web Design: Programs
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